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Dear Colleagues, It is a pleasure to announce the Bioecosys final Conference to be held on 6 December 2021 at ISA in Lisbon (Portugal). In order to address the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we will hold the conference in a hybrid format (in loco and live streaming).

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Shedding light on local conditions in the Portuguese Case Study Area “Vale do Sousa” (ZIF entre Douro e Sousa e ZIF Paiva) and exploring the needs for developing a) landscape-level collaborative approaches to provide forest ecosystem services and address wildfire risk  and b) mechanisms to attract payments for these services

In the first session, international keynote speakers will provide a global perspective on advanced forest ecosystem management DSS and multiple criteria methods as well as approaches to attract payments for ecosystem services.

The second session will include presentations of recent research targeting the application of forest ecosystem management planning methods as well as of business models to get payments for ecosystem services. It will encompass demonstrations of a Pareto frontier computational platform results to select baskets of ecosystem services and of a web-based platform to support the auction of ecosystem services

Finally, the conference will encompass a WORLDWIDE CAFÉ for networking and Closing Session at Salão Nobre [Main Building]. You are cordially invited to join us.

Bioecosys brings together expertise and experience in forest ecosystem management and economics to communicate recent findings and to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and best practices to stakeholders and forest actors. The main focus of the conference is on a) the communication of innovations in forest ecosystem management and decision support tools as well as in mechanisms to attract payments for ecosystem services and b) the demonstration of its application to bridge the gap between science and practice.


Watch the video of the final conference here

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Registration as conference participant is still possible until:

  • In loco:  December 1st, 2021 - closed

  • Live streaming: December 3rd, 2021 -closed

If you want to watch the conference
The streaming video is bellow 

The final agenda for our event is ready!

The final Programme with the detailed session descriptions is available online here:


Bioecosys Final Conference - Streaming 

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Check out all the Conference Speakers below

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We are very much looking forward to your participation in the Bioecosys 2021 Conference!

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But there is much more to share, and we will be sending out a specific update on oral communications abstracts - Stay tuned.

This conference is funded by the Bioecosys, Modfire and Nobel projects CEF/ISA and TERRA, it is sponsored by IUFRO and Forestwise and has as media partner, and will offer attendees the opportunity to share best practices and gain insights for advancing research and developing outreach activities targeting landscape level forest ecosystem management planning and the payment of ecosystems services.

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Forest ecosystem management decision making methods: an integrated bioeconomic approach to sustainability
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